My work focuses on natural and urban landscapes, and the intersection of those realms.   Born in Nashua, NH, I have been residing in the Boston Area for the past ten years.  Growing up, I spent countless hours poring over the pages of National Geographic, captivated by images of far-off places. The power of the subject matter and the images themselves had an illuminating effect, and I perceived the world as being vast, nearly infinite in possibility and depth.

     Photographers that inspire my work today include Peter Bialobrzeski, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Luca Campigotto and Nadav Kander.  Curiosity has brought me to tea fields half-way across the world at dusk to gritty industrial sites a few miles from home.  Photography is an invitation to comprehend a subject on a deeper level through observation and escape the confines of one’s own sphere.

     The Japanese aesthetic concept of Yugen, profound mystery, is an important element of my work.  The nature of a place in time, beyond simple appearances, impermanent and inscrutable is the essence I seek.

Douglas Seigars

Arlington, MA, USA.