Ten Minutes in Almeria. April, 2017.


Ten minutes in the life of Cabo de Gata.  Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park is located on southeastern Spain’s Mediterranean coast.  This desert coastline is a spectacular sight, with cliffs plummeting into the ocean. It was very windy here for the first two days of my visit, making long-exposure photography nearly impossible.  Days were spent walking the cliffside trails, enamored by the jaw dropping natural beauty. On the third night, I set-up under the stars on this deserted beach and took this ten-minute exposure. Walking back along the dusty road was eerily quiet, surely it will not be the last time I walk this road.

Yichang, China. November, 2016.


On the banks of the Yangtze River I stood, watching the new and the old collide.  Yichang's waterfront is lined with hotels, neon and tourist oriented businesses, blasting loud music and noise well into the night.  Walking down the steps toward the river, the atmosphere changes.  Fisherman wade along the shoreline, people wash their clothes in the water and cargo vessels move smoothly past the city.

Popham Beach. September, 2016.


Phippsburg, Maine.

9/20/2016.  Heavy fog made for an interesting walk along Popham Beach, which sits at the mouth of the Kennebec River on the coast of Maine, not far from the town of Bath.  Waves could be heard but not seen until very near.  The fading light, along with the dense fog gave it a somewhat ominous feel.  My Grandparents were from a pair of small towns a few miles up river.

Cats in the Dark, Seoul. October, 2015.


Namhansanseong, Seoul, South Korea.

10/9/2015.  An hour on the metro, followed by a bus ride brought me to this striking location in the evening where I found clear, windy skies.  Several photographers lined this overlook despite the cool wind.  This was the first location in Korea that I found to be truly striking and felt a strong connection to.  After spending about an hour and half here and shooting this panorama, I departed.  The idea of not coming back to this place again was too much, so I returned several days later.  I spent the late afternoon hiking along the fortress walls before coming back to this overlook.  It was less crowded this time, but the skies were hazy, so I sat and enjoyed the atmosphere.  Long after the sun had set and having found the solitude I had been looking for, I picked up my things to head back and heard a rustling in the bushes, followed by a meek meow.  One of the cats I had seen in the area earlier no doubt.  I called back into the darkness to my unseen companion and this continued for several minutes.  The perfect end to a day.