Cats in the Dark, Seoul. October, 2015.


Namhansanseong, Seoul, South Korea.

10/9/2015.  An hour on the metro, followed by a bus ride brought me to this striking location in the evening where I found clear, windy skies.  Several photographers lined this overlook despite the cool wind.  This was the first location in Korea that I found to be truly striking and felt a strong connection to.  After spending about an hour and half here and shooting this panorama, I departed.  The idea of not coming back to this place again was too much, so I returned several days later.  I spent the late afternoon hiking along the fortress walls before coming back to this overlook.  It was less crowded this time, but the skies were hazy, so I sat and enjoyed the atmosphere.  Long after the sun had set and having found the solitude I had been looking for, I picked up my things to head back and heard a rustling in the bushes, followed by a meek meow.  One of the cats I had seen in the area earlier no doubt.  I called back into the darkness to my unseen companion and this continued for several minutes.  The perfect end to a day.